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Policing and Reducing Crime Unit

Research, Development and Statistics Directorate

27 January, 2000

Mr. Yaman Akdeniz
Centre for Criminal Justice Studies,
Faculty of Law,
University of Leeds,
Leeds LS2 9JT

Dear Mr. Akdeniz,

Codes of Open Government Appeal - The Internet Detective

I understand that you have already received notification of the decision of the Parliamentary Ombudsman in respect of your request for access to the above publication.

It remains me to offer an apology on behalf of the Home Office for the manner in which your application for access was handled. First, I apologise for the difficulty you had in securing those parts of section ten of the publication to which you were entitled under the code. Policing and Reducing Crime Unit accept that it should have allowed immediate access to those parts of the publication and is sorry that its staff were not conversant with the Code when you first sought access. Second, I apologise for the delay in handling your formal request under the Code, which was not dealt with inside the 28 days made explicit in the Code.

I hope that this experience has not diminished your appetite for the outcomes of research from the Home Office.

With all good wishes,

Yours sincerely


Head of Policing and Reducing Crime Unit.

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