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Recommended Graphic Novels and Books 


Roger Sabin's excellent Comics, Comix & Graphic Novels, April 2001
Phaidon Press; ISBN: 0714839930, 15.96 

For more than a century the comic book has been one of our most familiar, yet least appreciated popular art forms. As vehemently
criticized as it is passionately defended, it has evolved from humble beginnings into a graphically sophisticated and culturally revealing
medium. At a time when vintage comics are fetching huge prices at auction, this book traces the history of the medium from comic
papers for kids, through the underground "comix" movements of the 1960s and '70s, to the glossy book-format "graphic novels" of today.
Organized thematically, it investigates comic art's varied genres - including humour, adventure, underground and alternative - and charts
the rise, fall and rise of the medium. In so doing, Roger Sabin highlights the careers of the creators behind some of the best-known
characters in modern fiction - from Superman to Sid the Sexist, Tintin to Tank Girl. He examines not only the stars and "first wave" of
comic art but also the names who are currently providing comics with a new lease of life, taking such familiar material as the manic
clowning of Leo Baxendate ("The Beano"), the observational adventure of Frank Hampson ("Eagle"), the bombastic power-plays of Jack
Kirby ("The Incredible Hulk") and the underground scatology of Robert Crumb ("Zap"), as well as less well-known themes and names:
the surreal 1950s retro of Dan Cloves ("Eightball"), the gothic superheroics of Todd McFarlane ("Spawn")....


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