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Marjorie Heins, Not in Front of the Children : Indecency, Censorship, and the Innocence of Youth
Hardcover - 356 pages (May 2001), Hill & Wang Pub; ISBN: 0374175454

Every day the news is filled with major stories that touch on censorship in one form or another. The controversy over such issues as sex education, violence on TV, and "obscenity" in literature and the arts shows no signs of abating. Clearly, more serious and dispassionate conversation is needed. Now, a new book—NOT IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN (Hill and Wang, a division of Farrar, Straus and Giroux; May 22, 2001; $30.00) by Marjorie Heins—tackles these difficult issues and asks some important questions about censorship and the "harm-to-minors" argument at its core.

Censorship exercised on behalf of children and adolescents is based on the assumption that they must be protected from information that might be psychologically damaging. But, where did this assumption come from? And is it true?

In this fascinating history of "indecency" laws and other restrictions aimed at protecting youth, Marjorie Heins suggests that the "harm-to-minors" argument at the heart of the debate rests on shaky foundations.

Among the controversial topics tackled in her book, Marjorie Heins addresses:

NOT IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN is a must on the bookshelf of legislators, journalists, policy makers, concerned parents, educators, child psychologists, and all who are lovers of words, pictures, and ideas.


Heins argues potently that the age-old idea of protecting children from "corrupting" influences has reached dangerous proportions in the U.S. . . . [Her] historical argument makes an important contribution to the literature of civil liberties and child psychology.

Publishers Weekly

A well-reasoned argument that censorship in the name of children harms them more than it helps.

Library Journal

About the Author:

MARJORIE HEINS has many years experience as a First Amendment lawyer, and is currently director of the Free Expression Policy Project. She is the author of three previous books and numerous articles about civil liberties, and was one of the attorneys in the watershed ACLU v. Reno case, which challenged the 1996 Communications Decency Act, or CDA. Ms. Heins lives in New York City.

Yaman Akdeniz: Sex on the Net: The Dilemma of Policing Cyberspace - Now available through Amazon.Com
Our Price: $5.40, Paperback - 64 pages 1st edition (October 2000)
Garnet Pub Ltd; ISBN: 1902932005 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.17 x 7.13 x 4.42

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