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Internet Detective: Censorship, National Security, and Freedom of Information

A case of censorship or protection of national security?

Read the documents and the Ombudsman's decision and you decide:

Letter to my MP for Ombudsman Action
November 11, 1998 letter by Mr. Yaman Akdeniz to the PRG
10 November, 1998 letter by Mr Duncan Campbell
Letter from the Record Management Services, Home Office, 26/02 1999
Response to my MP dated 12/05 1999
Index of documents provided to the Parliamentary Ombudsman
Letter to my MP dated 02/12 1999
A message from the PRG about the decision of the Parliamentary Ombudsman, 01/12/99
Letter to my MP dated 03/12 1999

If you prefer all the above information in one single file, click here.

Letter from the Policing and Reducing Crime Unit of the Home Office, 27 January, 2000.

Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration decision involving the Home Office and the Refusal to release a complete copy of 'Internet Detective - An Investigator's Guide', Case No: A.3/00, PCA - 4th Report, Volume 1, Access to Official Information, Session 1999-2000, 24 May 2000.

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