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CR&CL (UK) Press Release, Somm decision in English launched
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For Immediate Release

14 September, 1998

CR&CL (UK) Press Release - "Felix Somm decision in English is now available"

LEEDS - CompuServe Germany decision involving the Felix Somm decision in English is now available through Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) pages. The English version of the Felix Somm case, which was unavailable up until now is obtained by Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) through the Legal Department of AOL Bertelsmann Europe for informational purposes. This English version will be of use to researchers, journalists, academics, students, policy makers, law enforcement bodies, prosecutors and to concerned netizens.

"This unfortunate decision has serious implications for Internet Service Providers liability. Prosecuting the ISPs will have a chilling effect on the development of the Internet within Germany and elsewhere, and prosecuting an ISP will not reduce the real-life problem of child abuse. Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors should concentrate on real criminals. It is now time to realise that the initial responsibility for content generation and dissemination lies with authors and not service providers."

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Yaman Akdeniz, director of Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK) stated while launching the case through the organisations's web site.

The Somm case is currently on Appeal and it should be noted that both the defence and the prosecutors in the case, filed an appeal against the conviction of Felix Somm.

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Notes For the Media:

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The decision in the Somm case is at

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Contact Information:

Mr Yaman Akdeniz
Address: Centre For Criminal Justice Studies, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT.
Telephone: + 44 113 2335033
Fax: 0113- 2335056

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